Grapes and Wines

The vineyards in Nice benefit of original grape varieties.

They are mostly or totaly issued from a grape variety called ROLLE. Some of us add, when assembling, a touch of chardonnay which is a variety from Bourgogne.


They are issued from three grape varieties. Some are made with only one variety called BRAQUET, name held by old families from Nice. Others are made by assembling GRENACHE and CINSAULT.


These are issued from four different grape varieties, unique in the world because totaly from Nicevineyards.
The FOLLE NOIRE and the BRAQUET : two other Mediterranean grape varieties can enter the composition of our red wines CINSAULT and GRENACHE.
It is, course, the FOLLE NOIRE that is used in majority

THE BRAQUET : as already seen above, this unique grape variety, is one that of course enters the assembling of our red wines. For a long time the BRAQUET de BELLET name appeared on labels. It's berries are small, bazck and extremely fragrant  It assures the fineness of the wine and ensures an exceptional body.

LA FOLLE NOIR : other aboriginal grape variety, these grapes are extremly dark. It is one of the very first to ripen as they are already black in middle august. It gives power to tanins.

THE GRENACHE : This is a typical Mediterranean grape variety and particularly suitable to work on red wines.

THE CINSAULT : this variety present in the vineyard sometime enters in the Rosé composition.

LE ROLLE : this indisputable the soul of the BELLET white wine. It brings strong flower aromas  and it is not unusual that this is the only grape variety used for the whites.

LA CLAIRETTE : present in the oldest parcels of the vineyard and harvested late in the season. It can add a touch of fruit flavour.

LE CHARDONNAY :the name was introduced by the 1961 decree. It is only used in very small proportions.

The grape varities, for most of them very particular, are also planted on the most outstanding land. Effectivly it is a SILICO­CALCAIRE ground PLIOCENE SUPERIEUR origin partularly favourable to grapevine. People from Nice call it POUDINGUE, mixture of clay, sand and rolled pebbles, riche in mineral elements that is able to filter violent Mediterranean storms and rain.
The pluviometric average is of 830 millimeters, very rare frost. During the summer rain is extremely weak, in order of 10 millimeters per moth . Inversely automne is submissive to frequant storms where we can reach 110 milimeters in only one month. The vineyard is situated between 200 and 300 meters high where temperature is 4° to 5° less than on the sea front nevertheless situated at less than 5 kilometers from the first grapevine parcels. The principal grape varieties cannot be inferior to 60% for the three colors.
For the red wines and rosés the proportion of CINSAULT is never superior to 15% of the grape varieties.
For the Rosés the proportion of the entire grape variety such as CLAIRETTE and ROLLE cannot be superior to 10% ; For the white and rosé wines the proportion of the entire grape variety known as secondary cannot exceed 5%. of the grape varieties.