In about 250 before J.C that the greeks, after a military victory on the Ligures, created NIKAIA and introduced wine-growing on this part of the Mediterranean sea. The Romans then created an important military county town and planted the actual vineyards away from the garnissons, on the via JULIA AUGUSTA. It's there ,along the futur route of CREMAT, that they dug two imposing galleries of more than 50 meters each to store wine and olive oil.
In 1902 a prosperous wine merchant from Nice , ANTOINE MARI , rediscovered these famous galleries perfectly conserved. They will then be used as new wine caves for the large house he will build above, as well as replanting the wineyard. This is how the CHATEAU DE CREMAT is born.
In the 1920 years the chateau becomes the property of Madame IRENE BRETZ, a riche american who started important development work to convert the chateau in a fashionable place. She will give big partiesand bring together artists, rich families and crowned heads from all over Europe come to spend winter on the French Riviera.
Within the 30's the chateau is sold to PIERRE THOME. He will expand the vineyard, will create and chair the union winemakers of BELLET the name to which he will ask for the A.O.C in 1937, he will finally obtain it on the 11th of November 1941.
At the end of the war the chateau is taken over by JEAN BANNIS who will also developpe the wine yard and complet the quality of the wine, the chateau will then be sold to the adviser JEAN PIERRE PISONI
But the rebirth of the chateau will come in 2000.It is bought by a dutch couple, GERMILA and CORNELIUS KAMERBECK, wine lovers who fell in love with the French Riviera. He will even join the university of SUZ LA ROUSSE to acquire the necessary knowledge to complete his dream : become wine grower. From then on enormous works are started and in particular the building of an enormous and very modern wine cellar just beside the roman galleries, that will from now on receive the barrels where the wines will be bought up. At the same time CORNELIUS KAMERBACK, transforms the vineyard to get an A.O.C entirely BIO.
To finish the Chateau will be totaly rehabilated in a French Garden and more than 2000m2 ornament planted amongst the carved towers and Neo-Toscan walls.
In 2013 he joins OLIVIER BETTATI and launches the edification of an orange grove of 300m2 where starred chefs realize and revisit , the 'Nicois' food for guests invited to weddings, art exhibitions, concerts, gala suppers or other such as our special winetasting. As at the beginning of last century, the magic of feasts on the French Riviera will once again come to life at the CHATEAU DE CREMAT